People counting in South Africa

Retailers are investing large sums in new technologies to enhance the shopper experience and increase sales. One popular form of technology is people counting sensors, (also known as footfall, head counting, infrared and thermal counting). When looking into a counting solution, the main premise for a retailer is to answer the following questions:

  • How much retail store traffic have I received? 
  • How many potential customers have visited my retail stores in the last month? 
  • How many in the last week? 
  • One hour ago? 
  • How does entrance #1 of my store compare with entrance #2? 
  • How does one store compare with another store? How does one region or city compare to another over a holiday-sale perhaps?
This article is not about choosing a counter or technology. It looks at the unwritten, hidden choice to ensure a successful perpetual people counting solution. Put it in another way, it is looking at “who” you need to choose to support your new or existing people counter infrastructure, reporting software and investment.

(For hardware information on counters & sensors, technical specification, FAQs, etc. please go to )

Two important aspects are often overlooked when considering buying a counter solution.

1. The software developer / hardware vendor

2. The installation and post-sales / operations & monitoring team

You need a passionate software & hardware development company that is agile, love what they do and always keep a vested interest in the clients, suppliers and resellers by  providing guidance, training and support to their installer and support staff. 

Example:  Counter management and reporting software should be maintained (bugs & fixes) , user  & re-seller feedback and requests must be integrate back into the software development life-cycle, etc.

For a good software developer, please go and visit  - they are small, fast, agile and extremely passionate about counting people and helping South African businesses succeed.

Installing and maintaining sensors and counters is an ongoing operational function. For example: Security staff could knock down a sensor, staff may block the infrared beam with marketing props, someone unplugs the counter power cable, telecommunications are down, etc.

If your stores are located country-wide or even just in a few well branded malls in the main centers of South Africa, you need a support partner that:

1) It has the capability and skills to install and configure your people counting equipment, one vendor you can trust to install your equipment

2) If a problem occurs, prompt assistance (i.e. have technical presence in close proximity)

3) Monitor your counters, software and perform preventative maintenance

4) When there is an excellent relationship between preferred software & developer and supplier to give end-users technical sound advice on their needs and requirements.

Ukuteta IT,, is a specialist service integrator and provider in the ICT Industry. They have an extensive Technical Footprint throughout South-Africa as well as Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zambia. All our counter installations, troubleshooting and support are handled by their highly skills engineers.


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